About Me


Nelly Kalu is a broadcast and investigative journalist. She is a freelancer with experience in fact checking and investigating disinformation; in broadcasting her experience ranges through radio, television, podcasting, digital media, media consultancy, training and advocacy.

An alumni of Radio Netherlands Training School and (RNTC), she is skilled in research, OSINT methodologies, digital investigation, solutions journalism and media innovation and campaigns.

Nelly is passionate about audience engagement in African media and the freedom to share diverse views and dialogue centering the voice of minorities through free press; a belief she shared in her TedX talk titled “The Distant Reality Of Feminism and Gender Equality” hosted by the Lagos State University (LASU).

She is also a member of Wanadata, a pan-African network of female journalists, data scientists and technologists; a host and panelist with Radio Days Africa, Her superpower is intersectionality.

She is dedicated to showing the connection between seeming abstracts which not simplifies complex issues but creates sustainable impact.

A 2022 World Press Institute Fellow, she studied operations and business models for media and free press in America while exchanging cross border ideas on how to achieve press independence in Nigeria.

Nelly is currently a fellow of the ICFJ Leap Trust Innovation Solutions Challenge and the Craig Newmanck School of Journalism (CUNY) Product Immersion Program in New York.

“Storytelling. Everything. Every data, exists to tell a great story.”

Nelly Kalu